Is this something special?

Are we really going to do this every Monday?

I'm not worried that much.

Perhaps I have hurt your feelings, but that was not my intention.

We were looking for her.

It seems that he is telling a lie.

I used to take a walk in the morning.

She is respected by her friends.

Does she understand Italian?

The City Council voted to grant one million for the preliminary engineering work on the new theater in Bergen.

You guys are among friends.

Let's go outside and play.


I like that one better.

I'd advise you to not eat that.

Every hunter wants to know where the pheasant is.

This is an example of something silly. A silly example, we might say.

Watch out! There's a big hole there.

How long has he been living in Ankara? -For two years.

The group withdrew their support for the Government.

A Mr Sato is waiting to see you.

One of the events was the Battle of New Orleans.


These grapes are so sour that I can't eat them.

In Colombia, Catholic customs prevail.

Mr. Sato asked me many questions about the election.

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I must be drunk.

I want some fresh eggs.

Nobody recognizes me.

When the frame is finished, the spider fixes lines of silk across it, just like the spokes of a bicycle wheel.

The man gave a big cry.

He didn't like to ask for help even if he was starving.

Eli wondered if there was anyone else in the house.


Let's offer it to her.

This is one of the most influential novels of the past 30 years.

I cannot forget Taninna's face.

The icecaps are melting.

Michael Jackson's music is enjoyed by people of many countries.

I should have said yes.

You must give up the idea that you are superior to them in every respect.

Brandon never woke up.

The office is empty.


I never told anybody about it, I swear.

I bought that book for him.

You didn't tell me you lived in my neighborhood.

Everyone was very quiet.

Please list alternate dates.

"What did you do?" "I didn't do anything."

I always leave something behind at work, like a jacket, my coffee cup, or my hat.


Ned hasn't yet done what he promised he'd do.

Why are you accusing me?

Let's go before I change my mind.

I'm going to tell Hank all about it.

My old car brought me $100.

He was told to get off at the station.

The man drinks water.

It was a beautiful wedding.

Who wants to learn Japanese?

Good morning, how are you?

Dewey has given us all this.

One cannot know everything.

Let's not worry about what others think.

The driver asked me which way to go.

I've done a little hunting.

Irfan wasn't wearing a uniform.

I just couldn't resist doing that.

Milo will never forget Blake's kindness.

Do you know how this machine operates?

That man was wearing a tiger mask.

Must I open everything?

The man carrying a violin seemed upset.

Why don't you meet me out front in a few minutes?

I just couldn't do everything Melinda asked me to do.

It seems that he has something to do with the matter.

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The artifact discovered at the archaeological site should be treated with utmost care.

You've given me your cold.

The mayor expressed his sympathy to all the families of the victims.


Kayvan eats lunch at the school cafeteria two or three times a week.


They left the house after the fire.

He is no more a liar than you are a liar.

We're only asking you to do it for a few days.

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Batteries not included.


His behavior is always honorable.

I was unable to complete the task.

I never liked Biology.

Mott has been having the same dream every night for the past six months.

Ah, I have been here before!

He holds an extreme opinion in politics.

We'll do this together.

The theater used to open up even on Saturdays.

Sonja finished reading the book and returned it to Tyler.


That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

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There's nothing physically wrong with her.


I assume that Dale and Kenn will get married.

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You do work a lot.

My family isn't such a big family.

We would not let him die.

I must look after the rabbits.

I'm sorry I can't go.


Is this what you're looking for?

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Can you read it?


I was married.


This morning I woke up brisk though I went to bed late yesterday.

You don't know who you should ask.

There are no special rules as regards what clothes we should wear.

Everything will turn out fine.

Jay knew precisely how Joubert felt.

She is very sick.

Brad is an amateur golfer.


Roxanne was killed with this rock.

I need to know exactly what happened here yesterday.

We wives have to stick together.


Please ask Jayant to call me before 2:30.


I will not allow you to use my pen.

Gregor asked Rich if she knew John's wife.

You'll have to handle it alone.

He was happy at the news of her success.

This is the first time I've ever sneezed this much.


Thuan took a walk in the park.

The hostage-takers threatened to detonate a bomb.

A lot of people buy lotteries dreaming of wealth at one stroke.

The painting was the object of admiration.

Where is the giraffe?

You look like your father looked thirty years ago.

The time of monarchy and princing is over.

I should've told Joyce everything.

Labelling speech as hate speech is a way to limit free speech by means of social pressure.

Morgan pushed the door open.

Which animals make the best pets for children?

I believe you both know us.

Lester certainly seems to be unbiased.

Linley inherited his wealth.

We'll never see each other again.

I can't stand annoying rich people.

The man thought he could influence the outcome of the match.


Which browser is your favorite?

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Since having given up smoking, I feel much better.

Did you know Norbert had a son?

I'd love to get rid of this old car.

If I hadn't had your cooperation, I couldn't have finished the work in time.

The horses make dust as they run.


The world economy will not recover anytime soon.


I want to give this to Sylvan.

Everything's in order here.

He sat with his eyes closed.

I'd like to interview him.

They decided to exchange prisoners.

You will always have friends if you feed them.

Duplicates of this sentence have been deleted.

Miles got up to greet us.

Currency and bond markets are relatively calm.

Politics is motivated by interests.

He stole my watch.


It's fun to play tennis.

Do you recognize the man in this photo?

Kriton usually accomplishes whatever he sets out to do.

Tahsin and I used to be close friends.

We continued chatting.

"How did you come up with that number?" "I don't know. I just made it up."

It was not easy to get a lot of money in a short time.

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This is the first time I've killed a mouse.

Natraj met Henry by chance on his way home from school.

Have you ever travelled alone?

We could use the help.

The hostages are facing death.

They couldn't kill her.

His music was not popular at home.


He made a mistake.


That car is a Chrysler.


I'm supposed to have dinner with Arne.